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More About the Equity Release Partnership

The Equity Release Partnership was started by Richard Jeffcock who has over 25 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Richard came from a compliance background where he had previously been responsible for reviewing sales of financial products to ensure they were suitable for customers and that they met regulatory rules and requirements.

With this background Richard knew how important it was for customers to receive the correct advice and the correct product and, unfortunately, he also knew that putting customers first was not always a financial adviser’s main priority.

It was for these reasons he set up the Equity Release Partnership and this platform allowed him to use his extensive knowledge to initially help and advise family and friends. 

Honesty and Integrity

As demand for his knowledge and expertise grew and his trustworthy reputation spread, he started helping other people to whom he had been recommended and he is now happy to offer his services to anyone who needs guidance.

Richard’s thoughts on Equity Release

‘Equity Release is a complex subject and there are a vast number of different products to choose from. It is therefore vital that people take independent financial advice from someone they can trust and who has their best interests at heart. If they don’t do this, they risk paying thousands of pounds in extra fees and interest over the term of the plan.’


A typical fee charged by the Equity Release Partnership is 1.95% of the lump sum released. This sum can be deducted from the equity lump sum and only becomes payable once your case completes.

Please Get in Touch

For a FREE, no obligation equity release discussion or to get a quotation, call the Equity Release Partnership on 01793 272082 or email:


The Equity Release Partnership prides itself on its outstanding personal services and home visits can be arranged.

Regulation and Authorisation

The Equity Release Partnership is a trading name of HTIA Ltd and is fully authorised to conduct Equity Release business by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under approval number 776953. (please visit the FCA website for full details). The company’s registered address is: 175 Queensfield, Swindon, SN2 7SU. Tel: 01793 272082. Email:

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